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Trincomalee by seaplane – Colombo and Trincomalee

Trip Overview

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Flying from Colombo to Trincomalee is an incredibly scenic way of seeing Sri Lanka’s western and central province from the air. The seaplane experience is a fantastic flight that beats the hours spent on the ground, getting you from Colombo to Trincomalee in less than an hour. The premier domestic Sri Lankan air taxi service can be booked throughregular schedules or can be privately chartered.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Your chauffer driver will take you to the Bandaranaike International Airport, where you’ll prepare to board a Cessna 208B (8 passenger) Grand Caravan aircraft from a VIP air lounge located just a few minutes away from the main BIA entrance. The Cessna aircraft are among the most reliable planes in the world, flown by experienced pilots, and are geared to land in many parts of the country with absolute ease. The flight from Colombo to Trincomalee takes in some of the island’s most picturesque locations which include cities, suburbs and rural Sri Lanka. In between bursts of cloud and sky, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the stunning scenery below, which includes snapshots of immaculately laid out paddy fields, farmland and forest. The scenery is akin to jigsaw puzzle-like shapes and sizes that flow in and out of small mountain ranges, and lead up to a surprise glimpse of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sigiriya in the distance as you fly over the Cultural Triangle. Minutes later the turquoise blue seas and white sands of the East open out as you enter the flat and dry terrains of the Eastern Province. You’ll touch down at the airport space in Trincomalee and meet your chauffer at the arrival lounge. Your baggage will be ready here as well.

What does the Experience Include? Transfers by vehicle, Flight, Bottled water
What to Wear/Bring Along: The cabin can get a little chilly, so bring a jersey or a shawl. The scenery is amazing so bring a camera! If you have a tendency to get ‘airplane ears’, bring chewing gum.
Duration: 45 minutes (not including transfer time by road to and from the airports)
Are Kids Allowed: Yes.
Important Information: There may be instances when your baggage may have to be transferred by a later flight or through secured ground transportation due to weight restrictions of the aircraft. Your luggage will always be in secure custody of the Baggage Service Department and delivered straight to you. It is advisable to pack what you need to have immediately into your carry-on baggage. Checked-in baggage allowance is 23 kgs per passenger. An excess baggage rate per kg will be charged for baggage exceeding the regular allowance of 23 kg. There is a 5 kg allowance for carry-on baggage. Given the size of the aircraft, you will need to hand over baggage to the cabin crew when arriving at the aircraft for boarding. Make sure you take your camera, valuables and other personal items you wish to have with you in the aircraft before you board. The airline does not take responsibility in events of damage caused to fragile items during carriage.

Managing Expectations..

Each person has different preconceptions of what to expect based on their unique experiences. We at Sri Lanka In Style know that we succeed when we exceed expectations in unexpected ways. We also know that in the travel world you’re as good as your last meal so to speak. Things change, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Your feedback is very important – we value your feedback tremendously, we use it to help make things better and to manage the expectations of other travelers. Here below, under In the Know / Managing Expectations you will find some of the feedback we have received which might help manage your expectations

Trip Overview

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