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Lunch with a local family – Batticaloa

Experience Overview

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Just a 30 minute drive away from the popular beach destination of Passikudah is the lively former capital city of the East, Batticaloa. Having suffered greatly during Sri Lanka’s civil war and being badly damaged in the 2004 tsunami, Batticaloa is a city that is emerging from trauma. Development is subtle and slow, but what Batticaloa lacks in infrastructure, it more than makes up for in personality, authenticity and natural beauty. If you’ve had your fill of hotel food in Passikudah and are keen to try the ‘real’ Sri Lankan cuisine, look no further than Batticaloa. This coastal town is famed for its seafood and the local dishes here are distinctly different from the fare you will find in the south and central regions of the island. Join a local family for a simple home-cooked lunch. If you like you can reach their house by local transport – by bike! If you’re looking for a totally authentic and unique experience, we’re about to serve you just that.

EXPERIENCE DESCRIPTION: Plunge right into the heart of a unique and distinctive culture as you dine with a local family in Batticaloa. You will be accompanied by a local guide who speaks both the local lingo as well as a reasonable level of English and will be able to translate snippets of conversation for you. The rest of your communication will be through a system of smiles, nods, and hand gestures which you will become an expert at more quickly than you ever thought possible. You will have the option to cycle to the experience. Cycling is a great way to see a little bit of Batticaloa using the preferred transport of the locals. The house is just a short cycle ride away and once you arrive you will be warmly greeted by the family. Food is generally served onto wicker mats on the floor, usually in the garden under the palm fronds where it is cooler. If you like you can even try to eat the local way – with your hands. Expect local delicacies such as beef curry, eggplant curry, tempered prawns, and deep fried eggs. Finish off with a cup of sugary sweet tea and swap stories for the remainder of the afternoon. This is a non-linear experience that is at once both humbling and eye-opening. This is a perfect way to really get under the skin of normal family life in this remote and reasonably undiscovered part of the island.

includes: lunch, refreshments
duration: 3.5 hours
starting time: 11am
what to wear or bring along: Light, cool clothing. Dietary restrictions should be informed to SLIS in advance.
Important to know: Toilet facilities may not be up to western standards so it is usually worth using the bathroom before you leave if you are worried about this. Otherwise come prepared with some tissues and an open mind.
private or not? This experience is always private.
suitable for children? Yes, children will love playing around in the garden and having the chance to spend time with the family.

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Experience Overview

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