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Bikes, boats, and bites – Galle

Experience Overview

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Experience the diversity and raw beauty of rural Galle.  This stunning part of the island is best known for it’s Fort and beaches but in Galle’s hinterland areas the jungle, rice paddy, and quaint mud roads that make up the small villages surrounding the town are an attraction in their own right. In just three hours, this experience brings to life nature, wildlife, rural communities and all through a boat and bike ride.

EXPERIENCE DESCRIPTION: Your journey begins with a boat ride that serenely floats down the Kapu Ela River. You will be accompanied by a local naturalist, whose wealth of knowledge on the local bird and reptile life is as impressive as it is humorous. Sit back, and enjoy the ride as you pass along river banks, through canals, under bridges and by local village hamlets. Children will race up to the river bank to wave. Grey fish eagles swoop by. Water monitors lazily cling to low branches after a big meal, while others zip through the waters in search of unsuspecting prey. The ride passes through rubber and cinnamon plantations, and even a few low bushes of tea can be spotted from the back yards as you float on by. The ride will stop by where small mounds of coconut husk can be seen drying up in the sun; one of many places where coir rope comes to life from the humble coconut husk. From here you will mount your bike and begin a 9km breathtaking ride through rural Galle and the heart of the south. Whizz by paddy fields and through small villages, past humble markets where the villagers trade and end up at a cool mud hut for refreshing herbal teas and traditional fresh hoppers straight from the fire, made in the ways of the past. From here you can choose to ride back to a pickup point or be driven back to the drop off point.

Includes: Bottled water, refreshments, boat ride, lightweight mountain bike, helmet, traditional hopper meal.
Duration: 3.5 hours.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Suitable for children: This would be suitable for older children, and smaller bikes for children are available on request.
Times: 7am -10.30am or 3pm – 6.30pm.
What to wear or bring along: Light cool clothing, sun screen, a hat and shades, insect repellent.
Important to know: Longer bike rides are available for keen cyclists on request. Any physical restrictions or injuries should be mentioned to SLIS prior to the bike ride. Parts of the mangrove that you will float by on the tour were destroyed in the 2004 Tsunami, and have been long used as a wasteland. Community projects such as thid particular bicycle operator have been working hard to clean up these areas and much has improved, however you may still see the odd bits of floating rubbish. It is a work in progress.
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Experience Overview

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