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Traditional treatments at an ayurvedic spa

Experience Overview

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Ayurveda is a one of the oldest holistic healing practices in the world, with a history as long as Sri Lankan civilization itself. The roots of Ayurveda are in India, but this system is also closely linked with Sri Lankan heritage, having been practiced for over 2,000 years across the island. During Colonial rule, many aspects of traditional and natural medicine were forgotten and neglected but Ayurveda experienced a post-independence revival and these days it is very popular in Sri Lankan culture as both an alternative and an addition to western medicine. Ayurvedic treatments aim to fix imbalances in the body by promoting health and well being. A visit to an Ayurveda treatment centre is a great way to relax, rejuvinate, and experience this mysterious ancient practice.

EXPERIENCE DESCRIPTION: Walk into an oasis of calm as you step into the traditional world of the Ayurveda centre. This beautifully presented spa has a collection of wattle and daub mud huts that make up the main treatment rooms and a wide range of experienced practitioners on hand to ease any aches or tensions you may have after climbing up and down the Cultural Triangle’s famous sites. You will start out by meeting with the Ayurvedic doctor who will discuss any health issues with you and decide on the best oils to use for your treatment. Oil is widely used in Ayurvedic practice and different types of oils are believed to be suitable for different people. Once you have met with the doctor, you will be led into one of the treatment rooms for a truly relaxing 1 hour full body massage. Follow this up with what is easily Sri Lanka’s most famous treatment: Shirodhara, which involves a process where Ayurvedic oil is gently and slowly poured onto your head to relieve all tension. Once you’ve finished, take 20 minutes in the herbal steam bath, which is filled with a range of locally grown herbs used to promote health and vitality and then have a quick shower to take all the oil off.

Includes: consultation with the ayurvedic doctor, 60 minute full body massage, 30 minute shirodhara, 20 minute steam bath, 10 minute hot shower and a herbal tea at the end.
duration: 2 hours
timings: whichever time suits you best. We suggest towards the end of the day so you can simply relax afterwards.
good for children: No.
Important to know: Ayurvedic oils can be quite thick and heavy so please do bare this in mind. Female practitioners are always given to women and male practitioners to men, however, if you feel uncomfortable in any way or require some extra privacy please do gently make them aware of this and they will be happy to adapt the treatments to your needs.
what to wear or bring along: Clothes that you don’t mind getting a little oily. You will not wear clothes during the treatment, but it is possible that some oil may transfer over when you leave the spa.
private or not? This experience is always private.

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Experience Overview

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