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Sri Lanka’s Hot Air Balloon season

Up..Up..and Away! the Hot Air Balloon season in Sri Lanka has begun.

December heralded the start of the ballooning season in Sri Lanka, and there are few pleasures as unforgettable as drifting gently over breath taking views. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!Greet the rising sun as it paints the landscape with wonderful colours while your balloon inflates majestically. Feel the excitement as you lift off and drift effortlessly over the spectacular scenery.

As the climbing goes on unnoticed, find yourself amidst endless horizons of rugged mountains and green fields with only the burners to disturb the peace. Watch your pilot gradually lower the balloon to inches above the evergreen trees as you pick leaves or touch the tree tops, spot a bird or an animal waking to the daybreak.

Since 2003 flights across the Cultural Triangle in the region of Dambulla, Habarana and Sigiriya have become a frequent sight to tourists and locals amidst the blue skies and historic backdrops of Sigiriya Rock, temples, mountains, lotus ponds and local village life.

January offers ideal weather conditions for flights and a chance for families, couples and groups to enjoy the opportunity of a dream ride amidst the middle kingdom of Sri Lanka.

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More about ballooning…and the finer details

Who do we work with?
Sri Lanka In Style works closely with the highly experienced operator, Sun Rise Lanka Ballooning Ltd, in order to organise the perfect ballooning experiences tailored to our customers every need and convenience. Sun Rise in Lanka Ballooning (PVT) Ltd is a licensed Hot Air Balloon company in Sri Lanka under the Civil Aviation Authority and relevant Ministries, that has been operating for many years. Ballooning is a form of aviation, one cannot operate without strict approvals. Their balloon registrations are: • 4R-ISE – 8 passenger • 4R-OSE – 16 passenger Believing in safety first, their Pilots are hand-picked for the job. Each flight is made memorable for every passenger, be it complementary or paid, the toast of a successful flight is done as an unbroken tradition for every flight and to every passenger at landing.

When do you fly?
Flights typically depart shortly after sunrise as this is when the air is cool and winds are calm. Hot Air Balloon Flights are very weather permitting and require good visibility and low wind speeds. Pre-planning is the key! Since flights average about an hour or so and the whole excursion is up to about 3 ½ hours from the time of pick up to the time you are dropped back at your hotel, pre-planning pays off. There are no bathrooms aboard the balloon!

What is the Hot Air Balloon made of?
The main components of a hot air balloon are the envelope (balloon), fuel system, and gondola (basket). Most envelopes are made from ripstop nylon which is similar to the material for parachutes. One difference is that the ripstop is coated inside to contain the hot air. It is open at the bottom to receive the heating flame and have a deflation port, a large opening at the top that allows the hot air to escape during landing. The fuel system is composed of the heater, which burns propane to heat the air in the envelope, fuel tanks, which are carried in the basket; and hoses, which connect the two. The basket is constructed of wickerwork rattan and is connected to the envelope by cables. The flexibility has great absorption level and is comfortable for the guests during landing.