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Repositioning Hot Seats

Sri Lanka In Style in collaboration with our flight partners introduces the first hot ‘repositioning’ seats in Sri Lanka. Fly low cost around the island on available ‘repositioning’ sectors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a repositioning hot seat?
A ‘repositioning’ sector is a return flight – or a repositioning flight where we have empty seats, which we call ‘hot seats’. It works like this: when someone buys a charter helicopter flight from – let’s say – Kandy to Galle we need to ‘reposition’ the aircraft from its base in Colombo to Kandy and then from Galle back to Colombo once we have dropped charter passengers off. The Kandy-Colombo leg is empty, and then Galle-Colombo leg is also empty. On this site we have listed sectors where Sri Lanka In Style and the person chartering the flight choose together to release the empty seats for sale at discounted rates. Buying a ‘repositioning’ flight is not like buying a normal ticket, there are important Terms and Conditions.

Who owns the flight?
It is extremely important that you understand you do not OWN the flight. The person chartering the aircraft OWNS the flight, and he/she voluntarily chooses to release the repositioning legs for sale at heavily discounted rates in order to recoup – if possible – some of the costs. Sri Lanka In Style has created this site to facilitate this transaction.

How does cancellation work?
If the OWNER of the flight – the person that booked the charter – decides to cancel the flight, or if the flight is cancelled due to weather, technical problems or any other reason then we will not operate the flight at all. Flights may be cancelled up to the last minute. For this reason it is extremely important that you do not DEPEND on getting from A to B on time for any specific purpose such as taking an international flight. It may very well be that you need to make alternative transport arrangements. Remember you do not OWN the flight – the owner of the flight is the person who chartered the aircraft in the first place and it is his prerogative whether the flight operates or not.

What happens if the flight is cancelled or delayed?
If the flight is cancelled or delayed we will let you know immediately. If the delay affects your travel plans you will need to seek alternative transport arrangements. Sri Lanka In Style will assist you make alternative arrangements. We will refund 90% of the value of the ticket in case of cancellation.

Can the flight be deviated?
Yes, it can. In case of bad weather or any other restriction the pilot may need to return to base or find an alternative landing spot. Again in this case you will need to bare the cost of your own ground repositioning.

Who coordinates / who do I contact?
Always contact Sri Lanka In Style’s main operation line for information. +94(0)776739739

What type of aircraft do you use?
There are two types of Aircraft we use. We use a Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter annd a Aircraft GA8 Airvan Plane. The Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter seats 4 people. The Aircraft GA8 Airvan Plane seats 6 people.

Can I take my luggage with me?
Maximum 5 kg of hand luggage per passenger.

Am I insured?
No. You need to carry your own travel insurance. The carrier shall not, in any circumstances whatsoever be liable or responsible in respect to any inaccuracy, misdescription, detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness, additional expenses or injury, and of whatever kind occurring to any passenger, property, or baggage at any time.

How do I pay?
Payment to be made in advance for the confirmation of flight. We will send you an invoice which you can pay by credit card or by bank transfer. As soon as we recieve payment we will send you your ticket.


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