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Guiding: what should I expect?

We operate trips in various ways: we may allocate a chauffeur-guide for the duration of the tour; we may allocate a guide and a separate driver who work as a team, and in some instances we bring in ‘site-guides’ who have expert knowledge about a certain cultural site. If you book last-minute, there may not be all of these options available, so we will choose for you depending on who is available and your preferences and needs. Chauffeur-guides and guides in Sri Lanka are licensed as such by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, and they need to sit exams to obtain the license. We employ a hand-picked selection of chauffeur-guides with whom we share common values and whom we believe to be highly-knowledgeable, friendly, professional and safe drivers. All of our chauffeur-guides follow a unique Drivers’ Code, a set of guidelines covering the driver-passenger relationship, flexibility and safety.

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