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How much should I tip?

Tipping is understood and practiced very differently throughout the world – some cultures tip very generously whilst others would prefer service to be all inclusive. In most places in Sri Lanka, a 10% service charge is now included as part of the price, particularly in the restaurants in major cities and most hotels. With regards to accommodation, please remember that a 10% service charge, and other taxes, will be charged for all food and beverages you consume (that have not already been paid for). The hotel staff receive a share of the service charge at the end of the month. In the smaller boutique hotels and villas where service may not be included, leave a tip with the General Manager / manager of the villa and they will share it amongst the staff. Please note that at SriLankaInStyle we pay our chauffeur-guides well and on-time (which is far more than can be said about some of our competitors) as we feel that they are one of the most important elements in a Sri Lanka trip, but chauffeur-guides in Sri Lanka do expect to be tipped for good service. Anywhere upwards of $10 per day is a good tip, but our chauffeur-guides understand cultural differences and will accept whatever tip you choose to give them with gratitude. If you prefer, we can include the tip in your quotation and add it to the chauffeur-guide’s salary.

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