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Explore the intricate murals and statues at Dambulla

Sri Lanka is one of the most biodiverse islands in the world, boasting a wide variety of different environments ranging from the high peaks and lush green hills of the tea country to the dry scrubland in the island’s deep south. As Marco Polo described it, Sri Lanka is ‘better circumstanced than any other island in the world’ which, considering its size, is incredible. Within hours you can move from lying on a beautiful tropical beach to trekking through thick rainforest, or exploring a remote forest wilderness, or drive out of a major city straight into the island’s rolling tea hills.

This variety of landscapes not only makes Sri Lanka highly diverse as a travel location – ideal for beach getaways, adventure holidays and walking tours – but also makes it one of the best destinations in the world for a specialized wildlife holiday. Sri Lanka is home to a wide range of animals and plants, including both the largest creature on land and sea – you can spend the morning seeing blue whales in Mirissa, and the afternoon spotting elephants at Uda Walawe National Park. Visited by over 400 species of bird, Sri Lanka is also a paradise for birdwatching.

Each location has its own self-contained character, culture and beauty, whether it is the white sands and clear, turquoise water at Trincomalee or the unique traditions of Jaffna, which is heavily influenced by its closeness to southern India. Click on the drop-down selection box below to discover more about the different holiday locations in Sri Lanka.

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Fun Facts

  • The Dambulla caves were occupied as early as the 3rd century BC, and today they form the largest and best-preserved temple complex of their kind in Sri Lanka.

Experiences & Things to Do at Dambulla

A visit to UNESCO Dambulla Cave Temple - Dambulla -  Sri Lanka In Style
A visit to UNESCO Dambulla Cave Temple

The climb takes approximately 20 minutes, but allow plenty of time (at least 45 minutes) for exploring the caves once you are at the summit.

A visit to a Sri Lankan village with lunch - Dambulla -  Sri Lanka In Style
A visit to a Sri Lankan village with lunch

Take a boat and tractor to a local village, passing wide paddy fields along the way, then indulge in a hearty, authentic Sri Lankan meal.