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Traveling around Sri Lanka can be unexpectedly tricky and time-consuming sometimes, due to a variety of factors such as poor roads, heavy traffic and the central location of the island’s hills. Although distances may appear short on the map, traversing the island is not simple and it can be difficult to navigate your way around on your own. With over ten years of experience transporting people around the island, you know you can trust SriLankaInStyle to arrange your internal transport in Sri Lanka, including air taxis, train travel and chauffeur-guide services. As a comprehensive Sri Lanka travel company, we are wholly invested in every detail of your trip, from designing your itinerary to organizing your flights and transport.

The most common mode of transport for those traveling with us in Sri Lanka is using a car-and-driver. We will assign you a chauffeur-guide for the duration of your tour, who will take you from hotel to hotel and also guide you round the sites you stop off at along the way. Many who travel with us believe their chauffeur-guide was an integral part of the success of their trip – for more information, see our traveler feedback. We also recommend taking a helicopter or seaplane for journeys that would otherwise mean long hours on the road, so that you are making the most of each minute you spend in Sri Lanka. Train travel is an efficient and beautiful way to get across the country, particularly the rail journey between Kandy and Ella.

Browse through the different internal transport options shown below and see what will best suit your needs and interests. Get in touch with one of our Travel Consultants to find out more or to make transport arrangements for your holiday in Sri Lanka.

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