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Netflix Star Chef Amninder Sandhu at trendy Botanik in Colombo

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We have our own bunch of Sri Lankan Master Chefs; Dharshan Munidasa, Colombo-born Michelin Star Chef Rishi Naleendra, Chef Publis Silva and Chef Koluu to name a few. But, how about indulging in tongue tingling dishes whipped up by Netflix Star Amninder Sandhu for a change? She needs no introduction. A culinary star from Mumbai, Sandhu is the Executive Chef at Arth, India’s first gas-free restaurant. Arth is renowned for its unique Indian cuisine created with a modern twist. 

She also battled on Netflix’s famous culinary challenge show, “The Final Table”, against 23 other elite chefs from across the world. A culinary maestro, she is a national award winner for Best Lady Chef presented by the Ministry of Tourism. Chef Amninder bagged the award for Chef of the Year at the Times Food Award 2019.  Once, the British legend, Marco Pierre White called her “The Girl with Gold in Her Fingers”, which well defines her extraordinary talent.

Botanik, Colombo’s most-sought after rooftop bar and bistro will be hosting the Netflix Star on 19th and 20th July, 2019. The menu of the restaurant was curated by Sri Lanka’s first Michelin Star Chef, Rishi Naleendra.  Determined to position Colombo as Sri Lanka’s hub for food and drink, Botanik has brought down many international culinary heavyweights including Chef Thomas Zacharias of The Bombay Canteen, a Conde Nast Traveller recognised restaurant in Mumbai.

Join the canapé and cocktail party (on July 19th) to enjoy a night of incredible food including Kovalam prawn taco, Mutton gilawat and Paneer dosa square indulging in the vibrant and lively ambience of Botanik. Feast on a delectable seated dinner (on July 20th) and sample Chef Amninder Sandhu’s signature dishes that tingled the taste buds of our neighbouring India. The dinner menu consists of dishes such as Paya shobra, Tokri chaat, Haleem and Naga mushroom gilawat. Watch the dazzling skyline of Colombo with its twinkling lights, sipping a glass of Mateus rose wine or Himalayan G-Fashioned cocktail at the Rooftop Terrace.

Don’t miss out on Chef Amninder Sandhu’s culinary adventure at “Arth Mumbai Takes Over Botanik”. Get in touch with us to a reserve your seat.

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