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Coffee and handmade chocolates with a sustainable farmer

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Today Sri Lanka is famous for its tea, but in the first half of the 1800s it was Ceylon coffee that was served across the world. No one knows when coffee first came to Sri Lanka, but Sir James Emerson Tennent in the 1800s noted, “As to coffee, although the plant had existed from time immemorial on the island (having probably been introduced by the Arabs), the natives were ignorant of the value of its berries, and only used its leaves to flavor their curries, and its flowers to decorate their temples.” Only after the arrival of the Dutch, were attempts made to cultivate coffee as a commercial speculation. Today, Sri Lankan coffee is making a comeback. Visit a Sri Lanka-based specialty coffee house that is processing, roasting and exporting coffee. Located in the Nuwara Eliya town, the boutique coffee house now has many fans worldwide and has been described by coffee tasters as smooth, chocolaty, and rich – Sri Lanka’s first gourmet coffee in over 150 years.

Experience Overview

This experience is for avid coffee lovers with a keen interest in the island’s coffee past. Your host gives you a past to present account of coffee dating back to western colonization in the 1500s through to the 1800s when the British discovered that coffee grew well and could be a money-earner for their empire. The experience starts with a cup of one of the specialty brews, a tasting of your host’s handmade chocolates, and a guided tour of his organic farm, where guests will be surprised to learn about the many western herbs that have taken a liking to the organic hill country soil. This continues on with a guided tour of the bean selection and roasting processes.

Includes:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

A host, a guided visit of a coffee roasterie, coffee and chocolate sampling, a vehicle

Timings:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

9am and 4pm (please check and confirm these timings)

Duration:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

1.5 hours (not including travel time to get there)

What to wear or bring along:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
What to wear or bring along:

Light, cool clothing, and a hat. Wearing a pair of trainers and using insect repellent while on the walk are recommended. Bring a camera along too!

Private or not?  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Private or not?

This experience is always private.

Recommended for children?  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Recommended for children?

Small children will love the coffee factory, the organic garden and getting to taste the home made chocolates.

About the Host

Originally from Seattle, your host has visited Sri Lanka since the 70s, and now calls Sri Lanka his home. With a background and passion in organic and sustainable farming, he took over the reins of the coffee house from his Dutch business partner in the mid 90’s. Today, he works with farmers from across the tea country and aims to improve their income through the harvesting of the best Arabica and Robusta beans.




Managing Expectations

It is important to remember that, whilst they are experts in their field, the people who run or host our experiences are not necessarily used to working in the tourism industry and may not offer the level of service you would find at a five-star hotel. For example, instead of a formal lecture, you may get a relaxed conversation where open discussion is encouraged. All of our hosts are, however, extremely engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about educating visitors about their chosen subject and we have worked with them to ensure that they deliver worthwhile, fulfilling experiences. We welcome feedback, so please let us know what you thought and if you think any improvements could be made to the experiences we offer.

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