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Kanneliya Rainforest trek with lunch in a lake

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The Kanneliya rainforest is Sri Lanka’s lesser known forest reserve, with two of the island’s main rivers running through it and a diverse range of wildlife living within its thick canopy. Neatly tucked away just 35km away from Galle, the forest reserve also houses around 78 villages. The wildlife tracker who will guide you in Kanneliya is from one of these forest reserve villages and has spent his entire lifetime living within the reserve. The scenery in the area is straight out of the Jungle Book and the opportunity to be out in nature makes this a fantastic experience for children and families.

Experience Overview

Your wildlife tracker will walk you through the forest, pointing out any animal sightings along the way. The forest boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna. You might see monkeys, snakes, chameleons, extensive birdlife and a vast range of tropical trees, plants and flowers. Stop for a drink and a piece of cake along the way at a beautiful waterfall, and then finish up with lunch served at a table in the shallows of an idyllic lake, cooked by your tracker’s wife. This is a truly special dining experience and a great end to a adventurous experience.

Includes:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

transport, water, entrance fees, a Sri Lankan lunch, a wildlife tracker and a guide.

Duration:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

Approx. 5 hours including the drive to the rainforest itself, which is 1.5 hours from Galle.

Difficulty:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

Easy. The walk is just a few kilometers and the terrain is fairly safe and flat.

Suitable for children:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Suitable for children:

This experience is perfect for children, who will relish being surrounded by so much nature.

Times:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

leave at 8am from Galle

What to wear or bring along:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
What to wear or bring along:

Light, comfortable clothing, a raincoat as it sometimes rains and closed shoes. Optional: an additional pair of flip-flops, if you want to wear them during the lunch on the river.

Important to know:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Important to know:

There may be leeches in the area. Leech socks will be provided, but these do not offer 100% protection.

Private or not?  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Private or not?

The visit is private. That said, there may be other people around at the site.




Managing Expectations

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