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Located a short distance from the famous Sigiriya Rock, the summit of this massive rock formation known as Pidurangala Rock sports stunning views of Sigiriya and the rolling greenery below. Pidurangala Rock not only presents you with a slightly challenging trek but is also a historical site with its own share of stories.

Experience Overview

The climb up to the summit of Pidurangala is not a clear one and is a combination of steps and just manoeuvring oneself up the boulders, so definitely tougher than tackling Sigiriya Rock. Once you reach the end of the stairs, there is a reclining statue of Buddha hidden away, believed to have been the largest brick statue at some point during the past. Proceed further up the rock, this time though without any steps so you’ll find yourself squeezing through and scrambling over boulders for this last bit. Once you reach the flat summit, the views will be breath-taking and the stress of the climb will be a thing of the past. The entire experience will take roughly two hours, depending on how long you might want to spend at the summit.

Includes: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

Entrance fees, water.

Difficulty: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

Fairly challenging. The first half consists of steps cut into the rock, but the rest of the climb is more strenuous as it requires you to climb over and through rocks.

Meeting time on location: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Meeting time on location:

To be confirmed with your chauffeur guide or national guide

What to wear or bring along: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
What to wear or bring along:

Light clothing, sun cream, a hat, shoes fit for trekking

Duration: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

Depending on how fast you climb the visit takes anything from 2 hour to 2.5 hours.

Suitable for children: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Suitable for children:

Not recommended for children under the age of 16 as there are no railings throughout the climb. Although the views from the summit are gorgeous, the edges are unprotected and unsafe.

Pick-up time: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Pick-up time:

To be confirmed with your chauffeur guide or national guide.

Private or not? - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Private or not?

The visit is private, guided by your chauffeur guide, national guide or site guide. That said, there may be other people around at the site.




Managing Expectations

It is important to remember that, whilst they are experts in their field, the people who run or host our experiences are not necessarily used to working in the tourism industry and may not offer the level of service you would find at a five-star hotel. For example, instead of a formal lecture, you may get a relaxed conversation where open discussion is encouraged. All of our hosts are, however, extremely engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about educating visitors about their chosen subject and we have worked with them to ensure that they deliver worthwhile, fulfilling experiences. We welcome feedback, so please let us know what you thought and if you think any improvements could be made to the experiences we offer.

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