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Haputale sits at the far south of Sri Lanka’s spectacular hill country and, on a clear day, offers incredible views down to the south coast. This area is lovely for walking and hiking, with a cooler, less humid climate and dramatic vistas at every turn. Some of the island’s most picturesque waterfalls – Dunhinda, Diyaluma and Ravana – are close to Haputale and Ella and are well-worth visiting.

Lipton’s Seat is also well within reach of Haputale, the favored viewpoint of Sir Thomas Lipton, the Scotsman who followed in James Taylor’s footsteps and created extensive tea plantations in Sri Lanka’s hills. Drive up to the top, or wander up through gently sloping tea estates, and admire the astonishing panoramas at the top – it is one of the most glorious viewpoints in Sri Lanka.

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Fun Facts

  • Sir Thomas Lipton first visited Sri Lanka in 1890, and immediately struck up a deal with James Taylor after seeing his tea estate Loolkandura.




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