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A breath-taking and escapist part of the hills.


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Located in the foothills of the tea country, Kotmale is a scenic, invigorating spot which offers plenty of outdoor opportunities and interesting tea experiences. King Dutugemunu – one of the island’s most beloved kings – was Kotmale’s first resident celebrity. Little was known of him in his early days as he quietly went about his life in this wooded rural setting, yet after he rose to prominence, every stream he bathed in, every field he tilled and every pathway that he walked within Kotmale became renowned. The story of his early years is an intrinsic part of village folklore, and it’s possible to visit these local landmarks too. Take in the sensational panoramic views as you go walking or mountain biking around the valley. Swim in the reservoir and visit one of the local tea factories.

Fun Facts

  • Lord Louis Mountbatten spent time in Kotmale during World War II, as a Commander of the Allied Forces in south-east Asia.




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