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Sri Lanka's surviving stretch of virgin rainforest.


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Sinharaja Rainforest, is the last stretch of virgin rainforest left in Sri Lanka, an enchanting, peaceful and beautiful environment which stirs the senses at every turn. The dense vegetation hosts a wide variety of Sri Lanka’s wildlife, such as the endemic purple-faced leaf monkey, grey langurs and torque macaques, a few elephants and approximately 15 leopards, snakes and frogs, as well as a wide variety of exotic butterflies and many different species of bird, including 20 of the 26 native species.

Located at the south-west foot of the island’s hill country, close to the remote riverside area of Kitulgala where a variety of adventure sports are on offer, Sinharaja offers excellent opportunities for trekking, nature walks and birdwatching, and is an ideal spot for those seeking a specialised wildlife holiday, adventurous tour or a gloriously escapist location.

Fun Facts

  • Sinharaja’ directly translates as ‘Lion Kingdom

Experiences & Things to Do at Sinharaja

A visit to UNESCO Sinharaja Rainforest - Sinharaja -  Sri Lanka In Style
A visit to UNESCO Sinharaja Rainforest

Head to Sinharaja Rainforest for a 3 hour trek with a guide, who’ll explain its delicate biodiversity as you look out for Sri Lanka’s wildlife.