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A quiet town set in the remote north-west wilderness

Experiences in Puttlam

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Found in the north-western province of Sri Lanka, Puttalam is a rather large town which is an intriguing place to explore if you are seeking an authentic experience of Sri Lanka. The region is known for its salt industry: the name ‘Puttlam’ is derived from the Tamil word ‘Uppuththalam’ which can be broken down into ‘salt’ (Uppu) and salt production zone ‘Thalam’. Other traditional industries found here are fishing and the production of coconuts.

Puttlam lies just inland from Kalpitiya, a tranquil coastal town edged by a large lagoon which offers visitors unspoiled stretches of quiet coastline and a wide range of water-sports. Kalpitiya is renowned as a fantastic location for kitesurfing, which can be done both on the lagoon and in the ocean.

 The inviting aspect of this district is that it is relatively untouched by tourism, yet offers a lot of things for visitors to do. Whether you’re interested in kitesurfing, whale and dolphin watching, birdwatching, taking long walks and bike rides through the countryside or seeing some of Sri Lanka’s most awe-inspiring cultural sites, you will find something of interest in Puttlam and Kalpitiya.

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Head 30 minutes out into the ocean in search of whales and spinner dolphins, accompanied by an experienced naturalist.

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