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A coastal town in the south with golden beaches

Villas in Matara

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Matara served as the capital of Ruhuna kingdom formed in 200BC, one of three empires that formed ancient Sri Lanka. The town was known by several names including, ‘Mapatuna’ and Maha Theertha’ for its geographical landscape which saw one of the island’s major rivers run through the city creating a wide area for ferries to cross. The area was controlled by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British and served as a major trading point for cinnamon and elephants during the VOC period. The Matara Fort seen today was initially built by the Portuguese in 1560 but was heavily fortified by the Dutch almost a century later and they also built a second fort, the six pointed Star Fort to strengthen their defense systems.

Matara Villas

3 Sisters is exceedingly private. What was once a beautiful cottage is now a lovely beach retreat which combines Dutch colonial and traditional Sri Lankan décor. With 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and separate a loft upstairs, it’s great for families with children of all ages.

Villa Facilities

Beach Access - 3 Sisters - Sri Lanka In Style Beach Access

Child Friendly - 3 Sisters - Sri Lanka In Style Child Friendly

Pool - 3 Sisters - Sri Lanka In Style Pool

TV with cable - 3 Sisters - Sri Lanka In Style TV with cable

WiFi - 3 Sisters - Sri Lanka In Style WiFi