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Tangalle, also known as ‘Tangalla’ locally, is famous for its beautiful and virtually untouched coastline which is favored by those seeking a romantic beach getaway or perfect honeymoon destination. As well as its spectacular, secluded beaches, travelers can get a taste of Sri Lanka’s ancient history by visiting Mulgirigala Rock Temple, a cultural site dating back 2,000 years which is perched atop a high cliff and has stunning sea views. Visitors should also see Hummanaya, Sri Lanka’s only blowhole, or can explore some of the island’s wildlife at nearby Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary or further afield at Yala National Park. Don’t miss out on seeing endangered marine turtles at the Turtle Project in Rekawa.

Fun Facts

  • In 1826, a British administrator found important palm-leaf manuscripts at Mulgirigala which helped to translate the Mahawamsa, the chronicle of Sri Lankan history.




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