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Celebrate 2024 travel trends in Sri Lanka

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From skip-gen trips to off-peak travel and behind-the-scenes experiences, Conde Nast has named the biggest travel trends for 2024 based on booked holidays and what the world is craving most.

Take a look at our top four favorites and how to celebrate these travel trends in Sri Lanka this year.

Sports vacations

Celebrate 2024 travel trends in Sri Lanka

You heard right: people are swapping lazy leisure holidays for fast-paced adrenaline-fueled sports vacations. Choose your activity and get ready to challenge your skill, courage and comfort zone.

Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for several sports, especially sea-based activities. In Kalpitiya on the north-west, you can try your hand at kitesurfing on the lagoons or on the ocean. Standard surfing opportunities are plentiful too – head to laid-back Arugam Bay in the summer, and explore spots along the south coast between December and March.

Inland there are tea trails to be trekked, sacred mountains to be climbed, and the thrill of canyoning and white-water rafting on the river in Kitulgala.

Astro tourism

Celebrate 2024 travel trends in Sri Lanka

No, this trend doesn’t mean shooting into space – it means searching out the best places to see the night sky.

Sri Lanka’s position close to the equator means that we see more stars here than in the Northern Hemisphere. Heading to rural areas with minimal light pollution will give you maximum visibility. Escape the cities to areas which remain relatively untouched such as the staggering Knuckles Conservation Forest in the Kandyan highlands and plan an evening hike or watch from your hotel.

Some of our other favorite star-gazing spots include Ulagalla Resort near Anuradhapura, Wild Coast Tented Lodge on the Yala coastline, and the campsites bordering Wilpattu National Park.

Health hacks

Celebrate 2024 travel trends in Sri Lanka

The first few years of this decade have seen a huge rise in people seeking health hacks. One of the most popular examples from this period was forest bathing which is spiritually healing.

Sri Lanka’s ancient holistic healing system makes it an exceptional destination for those seeking a new approach to wellness. Ayurveda provides personalized physical and mental remedy via a combination of healthy food, exercise and unique treatments all tailored to your dosha.

You can choose between rustic Ayurveda retreats where the living spaces are simple and modern spa resorts with facilities that are the height of luxury such as award-winning Santani Wellness Resort & Spa.

Silent travel

Celebrate 2024 travel trends in Sri Lanka

The idea of digital detox will go one step further this year as people seek out opportunities for silent travel. Switching off from devices is no longer enough – we need a break from social interaction too.

There are lots of different ways to embrace silent travel. You could stay at a specialist center designed for daily meditation, solo creative pursuits and self-guided yoga such as The Samadhi Centre on the edge of Kandy. Alternatively, build in silent time when you’re planning your itinerary while keeping opportunities for conversation with friends and family or local experts.

Sri Lanka also has a number of nature retreats where you can soak in the serenity of your surroundings. Moments of silence here are guaranteed to give perspective on your place in the world and instill a sense of inner peace. Our picks include Jim’s Farm Villas and Living Heritage.

How to make this experience a part of your itinerary?

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