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Try some adventure activities on the Kelani River.

Experiences in Kithulgala

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Kithulgala is ideally located as a stop-off between Colombo and Kandy or the Tea Country as it lies on a major route between the island’s capital and Hatton, a popular Hill Country location. Kithulgala is one of the most picturesque spots in Sri Lanka, set beside the Kelani River and surrounded by tea and rubber plantations and patches of forest, and offers the opportunity for travelers to indulge in a range of thrilling adventure sports. To make the most of the Kithulgala area, you should consider staying a night or two at Borderlands, especially if you are active and are seeking adventurous experiences in Sri Lanka.

Kithulagala is jam-packed with plenty of exciting activities, including white water rafting – there are a range of rapids suitable for beginners and those with more experience – canyoning and nature walks which will be particularly attractive to birdwatchers. There are also several caves in the surrounding area to be explored if you are feeling particularly energetic. Another highlight in this area is trekking through the Sinharaja Rainforest, the last surviving area of virgin rainforest in Sri Lanka, which is a muggy and mysterious place of strange sounds and captivating sights.

Hosted Experiences

Conquer canyons and try a range of exhilarating outdoor pursuits during this three-night action-packed adventure.

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Individual Experiences

Manoeuvre through rapids of varying intensity, trek through the forest, slide down rocks and jump from the top of small waterfalls.

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Kayak and camp along Sri Lanka’s longest river, the Mahaweli and explore the island’s secluded wilderness and witness its beauty from a new light.

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