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Bandarawela enjoys a high altitude in the tea country


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Bandarawela enjoys a high altitude in the tea country and offers a cool, comfortable climate ideal for the many walking opportunities this area provides. Bandarawela is well-positioned right in the middle of Sri Lanka’s sprawling hill country, and its high elevation means that the stunning walking trails of this area all have awe-inspiring views as a backdrop. Visit Ravana Falls, where legend has it a princess was once hidden (and rescued from) a mountainside cave; see the 16th century Bogoda bridge; explore the Dowa Temple, and go for uplifting hikes up Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock.

Fun Facts

  • The 16th century Bogoda Bridge close to Bandarawela is thought to be the oldest surviving wooden bridge in the world.

Experiences & Things to Do at Bandarawela

A visit to a tea factory in the tea country - Bandarawela -  Sri Lanka In Style
A visit to a tea factory in the tea country

No trip to Sri Lanka’s hill country is complete without a visit to a tea factory. These tours take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

Exploring Bandarawela - Bandarawela -  Sri Lanka In Style
Exploring Bandarawela

Go on this guided tour of Bandarawela and gain an insight into the history of this area whilst simultaneously experiencing its raw beauty.




An Insider's Perspective of Bandarawela

Bandarawela might not be as rich in tea leaves as its tea country siblings, but it was still the second most important hill station under the Brits who singled out its cool yet dry climate as the perfect place to live and recuperate. Today, travelers are drawn here because of the excellent walking opportunities offered by Bandarawela’s lush hills, which provide sensational views across the rest of the tea country. Perched at an altitude of over 1,200m, Bandarawela’s fresh climate is ideal for outdoor activities: discover the delight of hiking up Poonagala Hill and passing tea estates, paddy fields and wooded jungle glens.

There are a limited number of hotels in Bandarawela, but The Dutch House is a beautiful 18th century villa which provides magnificent views and has the unusual feature of an indoor swimming pool which may be preferable in the town’s cooler temperatures.

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