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Palmyrah Arts

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The northern peninsula of the island is a colorful palette of culture, cuisine and crafts. The arid landscape is dotted with Palmyrah palms and lagoons shimmering under the glaring sun. The versatile Palmyrah tree has woven itself into day to day life so intricately that the Jaffna residents find it useful in many aspects.

Experience Overview

Head for the quiet island of Karainagar with your host to discover the fascinating art of Palmyrah weaving. Your host will take you to a remote village in Karainagar where Palmyrah weaving has become a creative pastime of the village women. Visit the humble aboard of a weaver who has been reviving this fading tradition since decades. Learn about this intricate process starting from spreading out the leaves to dry in the sun to splitting them into thin strips to dying in vibrant colors and finally weaving beautiful crafts. Also, catch a glimpse of the finished products including baskets, hats, wall hangings and boxes. Finally, visit the stunning Casuarina beach, which is located in close proximity to the weavers’ village, and take a swim in the shallow waters. You can even take a leisurely stroll along its shores as the golden sunset turns the silvery sands of Casuarina into coppery dust.

Includes: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

Host, transport, bottled water and refreshments.

Duration: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

3 hours.

Difficulty: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style


Suitable for children: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Suitable for children:

This experience is great for children, and not recommended for kids under 5.

Meeting time: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Meeting time:

Please consult with your host.

What to wear or bring along: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
What to wear or bring along:

Light, cool clothing, a hat. Bring swimwear if you wish to take a dip.

Private or not? - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Private or not?

The visit is private, guided by your host. That said, there may be other people around at the site.




Managing Expectations

It is important to remember that, whilst they are experts in their field, the people who run or host our experiences are not necessarily used to working in the tourism industry and may not offer the level of service you would find at a five-star hotel. For example, instead of a formal lecture, you may get a relaxed conversation where open discussion is encouraged. All of our hosts are, however, extremely engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about educating visitors about their chosen subject and we have worked with them to ensure that they deliver worthwhile, fulfilling experiences. We welcome feedback, so please let us know what you thought and if you think any improvements could be made to the experiences we offer.

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